Erb Foundation gives $1 million to SHAR Foundation’s urban farming project on Detroit’s east side

The SHAR Foundation‘s job-creating urban farming project planned for Detroit has received a $1 million grant from the Fred A. & Barbara Erb Family Foundation. The multimillion-dollar project, dubbed RecoveryPark, also includes aquaculture systems planned to help redevelop the community. Those, along with aspects of urban farming, attracted the Erb foundation grant, made to help leverage other [...]

Invest for the Future

Sometimes it is difficult to see progress being made, particularly when others around you grow impatient or intolerant.  Many of the hardest gains we have made as creatures on this earth have been long in coming and have borne the brunt of challengers and nay-sayers ad nauseam.  I write this only to put in context [...]

Urban Agriculture Co-operation

LTU Students win prize for design work on RecoveryPark!

The NCEES Engineering Award was established to promote understanding of the value of licensure and to encourage collaboration between the engineering profession and education. The 2011 NCEES Engineering Award jury met in Clemson, South Carolina, on June 7, 2011, to conduct a blind judging of the 26 entries. Each submission consisted of a display board, [...]

Frank Commentary

This past Monday, RecoveryPark held its “final” combined Leadership Task Force and Partner Community meeting.  The meeting was well attended and quite lively.  The discussion again centered on community benefits that may evolve from the different development ideas.  People, and their ideas, were all over the map – which was anticipated from such a large and diverse [...]

Progress on Urban Agriculture in Detroit?

We are fast approaching the 3 year anniversary of seeds being planted for the RecoveryPark project.  It was October 6th, 2008 that the 4SHAR management team discussed urban agriculture and job creation in our CEO’s basement.  That meeting seems like ages have passed – BUT – so much has happened and the project has changed [...]

“Town Hall” Meetings

RecoveryPark has made great progress since October 2008.  SHAR has provided the leadership and vision.  The City of Detroit has provided detailed help along the way.  Our 74 community partners have presented ideas and helped make key decision.  Most importantly, our partner community has been intimately involved in the process of deciding what path RecoveryPark [...]

Grass Roots to Grass Tops

When the first seeds of RecoveryPark were planted, the idea was very much a corporate model – large-scale agriculture whose ideas would be taken to the community for approval.  Quickly, we were schooled by the Detroit Collaborative Design Center at the University of Detroit Mercy in the ways and methods of “the community engagement process.”  This [...]

Frustration in Detroit Land Acquisition

The past two weeks have been a bit challenging as we grapple with the City of Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools on the issue of land/building acquisition. While we have always expected to ramp up RecoveryPark in a slow and steady fashion, it has become evident that our business plan and project narrative do [...]

Child to adult

People continue to send articles and links to websites about any number of issues.  Many of them are about specific topics, but every once in a great while I receive something that is truly thought-provoking.  Just the other day, I opened such an e-mail and it directed me to  I encourage you to watch [...]

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