Community Meeting Video

There is an 8 part series on RecoveryPark’s YouTube Channel documenting one of RecoveryPark’s first community meetings. Gathering community input for the project has always been at the core of RecoveryPark’s mission. We documented one of the sessions to demonstrate how everyone’s voice was heard in these meetings and how we can work together to [...]

Frank Commentary

This past Monday, RecoveryPark held its “final” combined Leadership Task Force and Partner Community meeting.  The meeting was well attended and quite lively.  The discussion again centered on community benefits that may evolve from the different development ideas.  People, and their ideas, were all over the map – which was anticipated from such a large and diverse [...]

One Night In a Tent on a Farm!

Last night I was privileged to attend the Hoophouse Gala at Michigan State University.  In its third year, the event is staged to benefit Michigan’s future organic farmers by raising money for scholarships.  The tent was packed, the food was wonderful and the company was exceptional – but, I didn’t expect any less from this [...]

Relentless Positive Action (RPA)

The 2011 Detroit Regional Chamber Policy Conference has just concluded.  It was fast paced, fact filled and offered a platform to connect on all levels with people innovating great ideas, those with their hands on the shovels and individuals who create policy that will influence the direction of our state for years to come.  I am [...]

Community Benefits

Our next partner community meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 13th from 6PM to 8PM.  The venue is St. Elizabeth Community Center located at 3138 Canfield @ McDougall.  This is our 9th community engagement session AND probably our most crucial to date.  We are starting the dialogue of how we all partner together to assure [...]

Second Chances

This post is a simple reminder – please join the RecoveryPark “team” and partner community for our 8th town hall design workshop.  At his meeting, we will be discussing options for projects that have evolved since 2008.  The meeting is at St. Elizabeth Community Center located at the corner of Canfield and McDougall on Detroit’s [...]

2011 is here and I am late!

I have been absent far too long from Gary’s Blog – so much has been happening and it is all happening very fast! Most recently we staged an open-house for our partner community at St. Elizabeth’s Community Center on January 19th. It was well attended and our message of partnership is settling in.  For the [...]

Words DO matter

This past Wednesday we conducted our 5th Leadership Task Force meeting at St. Elizabeth’s Community Center.  Over 50 people were in attendance.  The level of participation has not waned as we come up on our 20th month of discovery and planning.  It was great to see new faces in our group as well as old [...]

A New Line of Thinking is Required for Revitalizing Detroit’s Economy

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein I saw this quote recently and thought it appropriate for the challenges that are facing the City of Detroit.  I also believe it is the essence of the RecoveryPark process – different thinking to achieve [...]

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