Relentless Positive Action (RPA)

The 2011 Detroit Regional Chamber Policy Conference has just concluded.  It was fast paced, fact filled and offered a platform to connect on all levels with people innovating great ideas, those with their hands on the shovels and individuals who create policy that will influence the direction of our state for years to come.  I am [...]

Community Benefits

Our next partner community meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 13th from 6PM to 8PM.  The venue is St. Elizabeth Community Center located at 3138 Canfield @ McDougall.  This is our 9th community engagement session AND probably our most crucial to date.  We are starting the dialogue of how we all partner together to assure [...]

“Town Hall” Meetings

RecoveryPark has made great progress since October 2008.  SHAR has provided the leadership and vision.  The City of Detroit has provided detailed help along the way.  Our 74 community partners have presented ideas and helped make key decision.  Most importantly, our partner community has been intimately involved in the process of deciding what path RecoveryPark [...]

Grass Roots to Grass Tops

When the first seeds of RecoveryPark were planted, the idea was very much a corporate model – large-scale agriculture whose ideas would be taken to the community for approval.  Quickly, we were schooled by the Detroit Collaborative Design Center at the University of Detroit Mercy in the ways and methods of “the community engagement process.”  This [...]

Frustration in Detroit Land Acquisition

The past two weeks have been a bit challenging as we grapple with the City of Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools on the issue of land/building acquisition. While we have always expected to ramp up RecoveryPark in a slow and steady fashion, it has become evident that our business plan and project narrative do [...]

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

All of the pieces are coming together.  We have reviewed the initial drafts of the project narrative and the business plans.  There are several negotiations occurring with food processing companies for collaborative ventures that will immediately employ over 100 people AND just today, we are reviewing the media piece from the University of Michigan.  This is such an [...]

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