A few sad days in the local press

The past week or so, the media has been abuzz about the escalating consent agreement for the City of Detroit.  Leaders from all sides are weighing in AND digging in.  Fight fever is growing at a frantic pace and how to “save” the city and “who” should lead that effort are the key sparring points.  [...]

The “mix”

Since my last blog there are many days I sit in silence, rest my face in the palms of my hands and question what makes me tick? What is it about me that drives me each day to seek a new level of excellence that was not obtainable the day before? Are the goals and [...]

Invest for the Future

Sometimes it is difficult to see progress being made, particularly when others around you grow impatient or intolerant.  Many of the hardest gains we have made as creatures on this earth have been long in coming and have borne the brunt of challengers and nay-sayers ad nauseam.  I write this only to put in context [...]

Gary Wozniak Recovery Park Green Field

Right-To-Farm-Act and the State of Michigan

Good morning – I hope that each and every one of you experienced the joy of the holiday AND gave thanks for the many gifts and talents each of us has been given! Today’s Detroit Free Press has a page one article regarding the Right –To – Farm – Act legislation that is anticipated to [...]

Community Meeting Video

There is an 8 part series on RecoveryPark’s YouTube Channel documenting one of RecoveryPark’s first community meetings. Gathering community input for the project has always been at the core of RecoveryPark’s mission. We documented one of the sessions to demonstrate how everyone’s voice was heard in these meetings and how we can work together to [...]

Frank Commentary

This past Monday, RecoveryPark held its “final” combined Leadership Task Force and Partner Community meeting.  The meeting was well attended and quite lively.  The discussion again centered on community benefits that may evolve from the different development ideas.  People, and their ideas, were all over the map – which was anticipated from such a large and diverse [...]

Relentless Positive Action (RPA)

The 2011 Detroit Regional Chamber Policy Conference has just concluded.  It was fast paced, fact filled and offered a platform to connect on all levels with people innovating great ideas, those with their hands on the shovels and individuals who create policy that will influence the direction of our state for years to come.  I am [...]

“Town Hall” Meetings

RecoveryPark has made great progress since October 2008.  SHAR has provided the leadership and vision.  The City of Detroit has provided detailed help along the way.  Our 74 community partners have presented ideas and helped make key decision.  Most importantly, our partner community has been intimately involved in the process of deciding what path RecoveryPark [...]

We Want Your Opinion – Please?

Having endured the two biggest snow falls that Metro Detroit has seen in recent years these past two weeks, it is fitting that spring planting should be the topic of this weeks blog.  What better way to warm up than to envision young sprouts breaking through the earth’s crust reaching toward the sun.  So the [...]

The Beat Goes On

There are a lot of “moving pieces” that make up the RecoveryPark project. These include art, music, education, transportation, agriculture, housing, commercial enterprise, food production, security and several others.  It is important that all of these puzzle parts come together in a unified fashion for maximum project development.  While some people understand the sum of [...]

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