Invest for the Future

Sometimes it is difficult to see progress being made, particularly when others around you grow impatient or intolerant.  Many of the hardest gains we have made as creatures on this earth have been long in coming and have borne the brunt of challengers and nay-sayers ad nauseam.  I write this only to put in context the path that SHAR set in motion in October 2008, the challenges that the agency has faced over the course of three plus years and the heat constantly rising as the project nears its execution phase.

Don’t lose faith people!  Nothing worth doing comes easy AND the recent news articles demonstrate some mile posts of progress for SHAR’s, RecoveryPark’s and food system job creation in the City of Detroit in a much larger context.

The City of Detroit is advancing its urban agriculture criteria and zoning rules, while the State of Michigan dual tracks legislation and rules changes that will set the stage for urban agriculture to take off and flourish in 2012.  In my own small way, I am proud to be a voice in this discussion!


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  1. Tim Hurley says:

    Just a head’s up Gary. While conducting some due diligence and research about SHAR, none of the aforementioned links to the newspaper articles are now working.

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